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Apr 2024 Neurotechnology Spring School

Feb 2024 Hawaii Data Science Institute

Oct 2023 10th Year Anniversary Symposium, Chuo University, East West Center, Honolulu

June 2023 IMRF Brussels, Belgium

June 2023 Chuo University, Tokyo

Jan 2023 Cafe Scientifique, Hawaii

June 2022 Hawaii Concussion Awareness Program's annual summit, Honolulu

Nov 2020 Keynote, NAUS, U. of Toronto

Aug 2019   Epilepsy Foundation Hawaii

June 2019   European Foundation for Neurosciences (FENS), Denmark

Mar 2019   FMRIVP Harvard University, Boston, MA.

Apr 2016   Shriner's Hospital Research Aha

Mar 2016   Pacific Center for Neuroscience.

May 2007   Cognitive Neuroscience Society Conference, New York, NY.

Jun 2005   6th International Multisensory Research Forum. Trento, Italy.

Jun 2003   European Society for Cognitive Psychology Conference, Granada, Spain.

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